About Us

At JaguaRep®, we are a professional, manufacturer’s sales representative of high technology electronic components.  We stand apart from the competition due to our engineering focus and superior technical knowledge combined with our outstanding sales and customer service support. We concentrate our efforts on demand creation with Local OEMs in the Latin American market to win new business for the lines we represent.

JaguaRep® is a Mexican company covering sales and promotion for principals from within the country, which allows us to establish close relationships with our customers and distributors. We strive for a prompt response time on every new business opportunity and are able adjust tactics based on local conditions. We minimize risks and uncertainties for our principals by understanding the local playing field.

At JaguaRep® we  manage Demand Creation and Fullfilment  with our Industry Standard CRM. 

Our customers are local and multinational OEMs and ECMs in areas such as: white goods and appliances, automotive, metering, audio & video, and lighting & power.


To have complete knowledge of the business opportunities in each local market, to connect the key players of the electronic industry in Latin America with the best manufacturers of electronic components.   JaguaRep®is committed to continuously exceeding the expectations set forth by our customers, principals and distributors and thus generating a positive and successful working experience.


Continue to evolve in order to attain leadership in technical sales with an extensive local reach, constantly strive forward in a dynamic way, allowing our principals to participate in the most profitable business opportunities in Latin America’s emerging markets. As trustful and professional advisors, we are capable of suggesting solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs and are fully committed to their success because we, JaguaRep®want to succeed side by side.  Maintain focus on demand creation and design wins combined with an outstanding sales support and the best training to succeed in technical sales.



JaguaRep®, S.A. de C.V. 
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